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At Bookery, we do our best to keep our shipping costs down and will endeavour to ship your complete order together whenever it is possible and reasonable to do so.

Shipping restrictions

Please note that due to matters beyond our control, we cannot ship to certain destinations and need to vary our normal terms of trade. Difficult destinations are listed in our Shipping Restrictions page. We are happy to assist you if we can so if you would like shipment to one of these countries, please contact us and a senior staff member will help you place a manual order.

Delivery time

When you place your order, we try to pack and despatch the goods to you on the same day but always on the next working day. On the rare occasion there is some unexpected delay in delivering your shipment to you, we will contact you via email or telephone to let you know.

Shipping Rates for Australian Destinations

 Charge for First Item 
 Each Additional Item 
New South Wales$7.50$0.00
Northern Territory$7.50$0.00
South Australia$7.50$0.00
Australian Capital Territory$7.50$0.00
Western Australia$7.50$0.00

Shipping Rates for International Destinations

 Charge for First Item 
 Each Additional Item 
Canada, USA, England$25.00$8.00
Europe (including Ireland, Scotland, Wales)$25.00$5.00
New Zealand$9.90$0.00
Rest of World$35.00$9.00
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