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Text Books

Upper Secondary

ISBN: 9780170127554
Title: Obento Senior Audio CDs
Author: Ikeda & Hutchinson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Edition: New edition
Published in: 2005
Format: Audio CD(s)
Type: Text Books
Year Level(s): Upper Secondary

Publisher's Description

These Obento Senior Audio CDs, which come in a pack of 4, offer over four hours of audio language modelling and contain: - many passages from the Student Book. An average of 4 text types per unit are recorded, including diary entries, emails, dialogues, speeches, vox pops etc - 3 Workbook listening activities per unit including new dialogues/speeches that have been based on language explored in the unit - a minimum of two Teacher Resource Book listening tests per unit - the Obento Senior Japanese Song

9780170127554 - Ikeda & Hutchinson - Obento Senior Audio CDs

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