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ISBN: 9780198601098
Title: Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases
Author: Moorwood
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published in: 1998
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Weight (gm): 254
Type: Dictionaries

Publisher's Description

A Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases is a handy reference for all kinds of writing, as well as an absorbing collection of phrases, mottoes, proverbs and sayings. This new dictionary offers a fresh look at a language which has retained its influence and colour. It includes a thematic index - a comprehensive index will take you to all the words and phrases relating to a particular subject, covering everything from ambition, beauty, and courage to war and wisdom. It features more than just words and phrases - along with clear translations and pronunciation guidance, sources from literature and history are annotated with fascinating descriptions and explanations that place the phrases in context. It contains mottoes of countries and famous people and institutions, such as the American dollar, Henry VIII, Oxford University and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer are just a few of the inspiring and sometimes ironic mottoes. It also includes proverbs - familiar and amusing proverbs are included and easily found in a separate index, along with literary examples - an A-Z listing of all Latin authors cited includes outlines of their lives and works.

9780198601098 - Moorwood - Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases

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