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Lower Secondary, Middle Secondary, Upper Secondary, Adult /Tertiary

ISBN: 9780199298525
Title: Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary
Author: Oxford
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: 1
Published in: 2006
Format: Paperback
Pages: 480
Weight (gm): 435
Type: Dictionaries
Year Level(s): Lower Secondary, Middle Secondary, Upper Secondary, Adult /Tertiary

Publisher's Description

The Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary is an innovative guide to learning Japanese. Designed specifically for English-speaking adult learners who are either learning from scratch or refreshing lost language skills, it offers an easy to use dictionary, extra help with vocabulary, and essential information on living and interacting in the Japanese-speaking world. The dictionary is exceptionally easy to use, because it moves away from the traditional dictionary layout. All main translations are preceded by an equals sign so that they are instantly identifiable, and all parts of the entry are spelt out in full, avoiding confusing jargon and abbreviations. Grammar and usage notes throughout the text warn of possible translation pitfalls, and thousands of example phrases show how the language is used in context. The 30-page Learning and Lifestyle kit gives key information on both the Japanese language, with a list of the words you really need to know, grammar help, and verb tables, and on life in the Japanese-speaking world: background information on lifestyle and culture, tips on etiquette and interaction in the language, and a phrasefinder for use when travelling. The Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary is your essential companion to learning Japanese.

9780199298525 - Oxford - Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary

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