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Lower Secondary, Middle Secondary, Upper Secondary, Adult /Tertiary

ISBN: 9780794600426
Title: Pocket Indonesian Dictionary
Author: Periplus
Publisher: New South
Published in: 2002
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Weight (gm): 95
Type: Dictionaries
Year Level(s): Lower Secondary, Middle Secondary, Upper Secondary, Adult /Tertiary

Publisher's Description

The Periplus Pocket Dictionaries are ideal for students and travelers, covering all the words needed for everyday situations and basic travel. They were designed by academics and translators to fit the needs of people traveling to a foreign country -- who may not want to spend hours in class learning a new language. The handy, slim size is easy to fit in a pocket or a purse and does not include any confusing abbreviations or dictionary terminology.

Each dictionary features over 3,000 entries in each direction -- both to and from English -- romanized forms and the authentic script where applicable, a brief guide to pronunciation, general vocabulary appropriate for beginners and intermediates, different senses of the same word clearly distinguished by explanatory glosses, and clear layout and readable type. For most of the languages offered in this series of dictionaries, there is simply no other dictionary available at this basic level.

Find the right words for everyday situations with these inexpensive, pocket-sized volumes
-- Ideal dictionaries for beginning students and travelers
-- Handy slim size to fit the pocket or purse with attractive, colorful covers
-- Simply no other dictionary at this basic level

9780794600426 - Periplus - Pocket Indonesian Dictionary

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