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Text Books

Upper Secondary

ISBN: 9781876209827
Title: Hai Ima! Teacher's Resource & Assessment Kit
Author: Sampson, Wackett & Okutsu
Publisher: Heinemann
Published in: 2003
Format: Kit
Pages: 88
Type: Text Books
Year Level(s): Upper Secondary

Publisher's Description

Students in Year 10 and early Year 11 will thoroughly enjoy Hai, Ima!, our magazine style, topic-based Japanese course. Researched and photographed on location, Hai, Ima! systematically extends students' knowledge of Japanese language and culture while capturing their interest with its stimulating content, exciting format and 'just out' feel. Teachers will find that each well-structured component of the course provides clever approaches to developing language skills that utilise a range of text types and loads of authentic material. Hai, Ima! is equally suited to students who have previously worked with Ima! or a different Japanese course.

9781876209827 - Sampson, Wackett & Okutsu - Hai Ima! Teacher's Resource & Assessment Kit

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