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for Specific Purposes - ESP

Workplace Skills

ISBN: 9780470847176
Title: More IQ Testing: 250 New Ways to Release Your IQ Potential
Author: Carter , Philip J.
Publisher: Wiley-blackwell
Published in: 2002
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Weight (gm): 244
Category: for Specific Purposes - ESP
Type: Workplace Skills

Publisher's Description

Increase your powers of vocabulary, calculation and logical reasoning with this book of brand new IQ tests. Each timed test is approximately the same degree of difficulty and consists of a mixture of numerical, diagrammatic and logical reasoning questions. Answers are provided with detailed explanations where necessary, together with a guide to assessing performance on each test individually, and cumulatively on all ten tests. Whether you use this book for fun or as valuable practice for improving your performance on an IQ test in the future, the ten complete tests of 40 questions each are sure to challenge and expand your mind.

9780470847176 - Carter , Philip J. - More IQ Testing: 250 New Ways to Release Your IQ Potential

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