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Graded Readers

Starter A1 (200-300 words)

- Secondary
- Adult / Tertiary

ISBN: 9781405880664
Title: The New Zealand Adventure - With Audio CD
Author: Thorburn , Jan
Publisher: Penguin Books
Published in: 2008
Format: Book & Audio CD(s)
Pages: 15
Weight (gm): 50
Category: Graded Readers
Type: Starter A1 (200-300 words)
Level(s): Secondary
Adult / Tertiary

Publisher's Description

This reader is accompanied with a CD that contains the full audio of the text in MP3 format. Sarah and Jessica arrive in New Zealand for a holiday. They find a mobile phone in the taxi from the airport. It is Michael's mobile, but they can't find him? He has messages from home - are they important? Go with the girls on a New Zealand adventure.

9781405880664 - Thorburn , Jan - The New Zealand Adventure - With Audio CD

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