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- Adult / Tertiary

ISBN: 9780521741880
Title: Intercultural Language Activities with CD-ROM
Author: Corbett , John
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Edition: 1
Published in: 2010
Format: Book & CDROM
Pages: 272
Weight (gm): 450
Category: Teacher Development & Classroom Resources
Type: Games & Classroom Activities
Level(s): Adult / Tertiary

Publisher's Description

Intercultural Language Activities offers practical teaching ideas which encourage learners to reflect on their own language and culture, as well as that of others. Topics covered in the fourteen chapters include childhood, food, sport, icons, politics and body language. The book also helps learners mediate in situations of cultural misunderstanding and start web-based intercultural exchanges. It examines interview techniques, how people present themselves, and ways to interpret cultural symbols and characteristics, such as those found in postcards, advertisements and online newspapers. In engaging with these topics, learners become intercultural explorers and raise their level of communicative competence. This is an invaluable resource for any teacher who wishes to combine language learning with cultural exploration. In addition, the accompanying CD-ROM provides print-friendly photocopiable worksheets and reading texts which can be put to immediate use.

9780521741880 - Corbett , John - Intercultural Language Activities with CD-ROM

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