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Dictionaries & Thesauri

General Dictionaries

- Adult / Tertiary

ISBN: 9781405815680
Title: Longman Essential Activator - With CD Rom - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
Publisher: Longman Languages
Edition: 2
Published in: 2010
Format: Book & CDROM
Pages: 981
Weight (gm): 1060
Category: Dictionaries & Thesauri
Type: General Dictionaries
Level(s): Adult / Tertiary

Publisher's Description

How does the Longman Essential Activator build vocabulary? Students choose a word they already know such as 'better'. They use the clear headings to find the right meaning. They look at the different options clear definitions and plenty of examples make choosing the right word easy. Grammar and common error information help students use the new word correctly. How does the Longman Essential Activator improve writing skills? Students learn key vocabulary by topic with the colour Word Banks, and use the Writing Tips to structure essays correctly. Students can practise their writing skills using the Longman Writing Coach CD-ROM. The Coach guides students through the stages of writing a full essay which they can check against the model essay provided. Students can click from any word straight to the definition in the Longman Active Study Dictionary which is included in full on the CD-ROM. Dictionary Data 700 key concepts. 42,000 words, phrases and examples. Over 1,500 usage notes, including notes on formal and informal words. 25 word banks with topic vocabulary and writing tips.

9781405815680 - Longman Essential Activator - With CD Rom - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

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