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Listening & Speaking


- Primary

ISBN: 9780521545457
Title: Primary Pronunciation Box
Author: Nixon , Caroline ; Tomlinson , Michael
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Edition: 1
Published in: 2005
Format: Book & Audio CD(s)
Pages: 144
Weight (gm): 480
Category: Listening & Speaking
Type: Pronunciation
Level(s): Primary

Publisher's Description

This photocopiable resource book makes pronunciation in the primary classroom fun. As part of the Cambridge Copy Collection, each activity contains a clear, step-by-step lesson plan explaining how to set the activity up and carry it out in the classroom. A wide variety of games and activities to encourage pupils to practise their pronunciation Ready made lesson plans to save the teacher preparation time Attractively illustrated Activities can be slotted into any coursebook Suitable for learners preparing for Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (Cambridge ESOL) Over 60 fun-filled activities including rhymes, chants, poems, puzzles and games which make pronunciation enjoyable. Fully supported by an audio CD.

9780521545457 - Nixon , Caroline ; Tomlinson , Michael - Primary Pronunciation Box

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