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for Academic Purposes - EAP

Study Skills

- Adult / Tertiary

ISBN: 9781845283865
Title: Critical Thinking for Students
Author: van den Brink - Budgen , Roy
Publisher: Footprint
Edition: 4
Published in: 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Weight (gm): 246
Category: for Academic Purposes - EAP
Type: Study Skills
Level(s): Adult / Tertiary

Publisher's Description

The skills of Critical Thinking are important whatever subject you are studying. They enable you to assess what's been said or written by asking the right questions: 'What does this mean?' 'What else could it mean?' 'What other evidence do I need?' With your answers, you can suggest other explanations or scenarios: 'Perhaps it's this rather than that'. As a creative, enquiring thinker, you can then move on to produce well-argued material of your own. This new edition has been totally updated, but it continues in the tradition of the earlier editions in that it is invaluable for all students, whether you're doing a course in Critical Thinking (like the AS-level) or not. It quite simply covers everything you need to become a skilled Critical Thinker. Contents: Preface to 4th Edition; 1. Giving Claims a Significance; 2. Explanations; 3. Inferences; 4. Assumptions; 5. More Building Up of Arguments; 6. Evaluation of Arguments: Looking at Evidence; 7. Evaluation of Arguments: Weaknesses in Reasoning; 8. Analogies, Hypotheses; Definations and Principles; 9. Credibility of Evidence; 10. Producing Arguments; Resources for further study; Additional information for the exercises; Index.

9781845283865 - van den Brink - Budgen , Roy - Critical Thinking for Students

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