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Grammar, Vocabulary & Usage

Grammar & Usage

- Adult / Tertiary

ISBN: 9780521189088
Title: English Grammar in Use without Answers
Author: Murphy , Raymond
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Edition: 4
Published in: 2012
Format: Paperback
Pages: 342
Weight (gm): 840
Category: Grammar, Vocabulary & Usage
Type: Grammar & Usage
Level(s): Adult / Tertiary

Publisher's Description

English Grammar in Use Fourth edition is an updated version of the world's best-selling grammar title. It has a fresh, appealing new design and clear layout, with revised and updated examples, but retains all the key features of clarity and accessibility that have made the book popular with millions of learners and teachers around the world. This 'without answers' version is suitable for reinforcement work in the classroom. An online version, book with answers and book with answers and CD-ROM are available separately.

9780521189088 - Murphy , Raymond - English Grammar in Use without Answers

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