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Teacher Development & Classroom Resources

Assessment and Testing

- Adult / Tertiary

ISBN: 9780300090062
Title: Testcraft - A Teacher Guide to Writing and Using Language Test Specifications
Author: Davidson , Fred ; Lynch , Brian K
Publisher: Yale University Press
Edition: 1
Published in: 2002
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Weight (gm): 363
Category: Teacher Development & Classroom Resources
Type: Assessment and Testing
Level(s): Adult / Tertiary

Publisher's Description

The creation of language tests is, and should be, a craft that is accessible and practical not only by a few language test experts, but also by many others who are involved in second/foreign language education, say the authors of this clear and timely book. Fred Davidson and Brian Lynch offer language educators a how-to guide for creating tests that reliably measure exactly what they are intended to measure. Classroom teachers, language administrators, and professors of language testing courses will find in this book an easy and flexible approach to language testing as well as the tools they need to develop tests appropriate to their individual needs. Davidson and Lynch explain criterion-related language test development, a process that focuses on the early stages of test development when the criterion to be tested is defined, specifications are established, and items and tasks are written. This process helps clarify the description of what is being measured by a test and enables teachers to give input on test design in any instructional setting. Informed by extensive research in criterion-referenced measurement, this book invites all language educators to participate in the craft of test development and shows them how to go about it.

9780300090062 - Davidson , Fred ; Lynch , Brian K - Testcraft - A Teacher Guide to Writing and Using Language Test Specifications

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